Attending Bands and Special Guests

There are various bands that attend the festival every year, but over time, a core group of bands was formed which constantly returned to the festival, practically constituting the “bulk” of the musical presence at the People’s Folk Music Festival. Nevertheless, with the increase in popularity and the widespread expansion tendency that folk music has earned in the last years, there are more and more young bands who are attending the festival.

With names such as “The Folk Youngsters” or “The Children of Folk”, it’s easy to see what a great impact the festival has had on the local and even international download-13folk’s music scene, the young generations being the most influenced and attracted to the phenomenon.

The core bands who attend the festival are part of the same generation as the founders of the festival, and this has ensured that the People’s Folk Music Festival has always had a guaranteed presence. There is always an inherent risk of nonattendance when it comes to the young generation’s folk bands, because of various reasons and this was counterbalanced by the constant presence of the elder folk artists.

In addition to the bands that come at the People’s Folk Music Festival, the founders of the festival have developed a special section over the years, which have several days dedicated in which special guests are brought in to address the public and the fans with their personal insight.

Public speakers, actors and even celebrities constantly attend the “guest section” and offer both the fans and the founders of the festival many pleasurable moments and wisdom in the form of their thoughts and impressions. In order to keep the folk spirit alive, some guests also include folk music pioneers and some of the most established folk artists of the moment, which are brought in especially for offering youngsters valuable advice when it comes to the folk scene, beliefs and principles.