Gratitude for the Generous Sponsors

This page is entirely dedicated to the numerous sponsors and people who have had a significant role in the rise of the People’s Folk Music Festival, and the founding members wish to express their most sincere appreciation toward all the beneficial influence that their sponsors had on the festival.

It is because of these sponsors and people who decided to support the folk music festival, that the founders were able to rise the popularity of the festival so much and end up with such a wonderful attraction. The sponsors are listed alphabedownload-14tically and people can select each one and find out more information about it by opening the details section.

Aside from the many companies, both local and international, there are also celebrities and officials who decided to help the People’s Folk Music Festival by funding the initiative and increasing the festival’s popularity. The founders of the festival are grateful and wish to thank all their benefactors. They wouldn’t have succeeded without their valuable help and it is because of them that the local folk scene grew so much.

The main idea behind all the sponsorships was that the People’s Folk Music Festival would promote the brands and companies that offered their support, this way both parties receiving benefits and advantages. The companies would fund the festival’s various undertakings and necessities and the festival would instead offer constant promotional materials and products to those who attend it. Since most of the sponsoring companies come from the musical industry, it was a highly fruitions partnership, since all those who attend the festival are in need of quality musical instruments.

In order to show their gratitude, the folk festival founders have initiated the support program for young folk artists and are helping more than 40 artists each year make their debut on the folk scene and gain popularity themselves.