Keeping the Fans Close By

Ever since the inception of the folk music festival, the founding members came to the decision that would ultimately make them stand out from other similar festivals. The fact that fans should always be at the core of the People’s Folk Music Festival is what the members have agreed on, and this belief has been maintained until the present days, when the fans are the most important elements of the festival.

By “keeping the fans close by”, as one of the festival’s founding members prefers to state, they were able to always be fulfilled and satisfied spiritually and professionally. Thi5ef9379a34f8497df0f666f0d578ce7b3119e382_explore-edmonton_folk-music-festival_festivals_15s is what kept their will to always maintain the folk music spirit alive through the festival. Since they constantly ensured that the fans enjoyed the festival and benefited from its performances and resources, the founding members hope that they have managed to be of help to all folk music enthusiasts, and that they managed to offer them a good chance to take part into a bigger community, which is represented by all folk music artist all around the world.

The founding members themselves have also been eager fans of the folk music genre, back when they too were passionate teenagers who shared the passion for folk and who were always ready to attend a performance and learn more from others or discuss about relevant aspects. Precisely because they know how it feels to be a young fan that wishes to appreciate good folk music and who is ready to go to any location in order to hear some good vibes.

To conclude, the People’s Folk Music Festival founding members wish to send their most warm welcome to folk music fans all around the world, invite them to attend the festival and keep the spark of that beautiful musical genre alive, for as long as possible.