Learn How the Festival was Born

Those who wish to better understand how the festival was born will be able to discover relevant information on this specially designed page that was created with the vetiver-1purpose of sharing the core beliefs that stand at the foundation of the People’s Folk Music Festival.

As specified in the previous pages, the festival was the idea of few teenagers who attended musical school together and shared a common passion for folk music. Since the possibilities for meeting with other musicians and sharing information and offering folk performances were really scarce in their home town, the founding members thought it was time for a change.

To this end, they searched for an available location that could serve as the headquarters of the folk musicians in the town, and to this end they contacted the local authorities who were more than willing to provide such a facility in order to increase the city’s popularity. Therefore an agreement was made which stated that as long as the folk-related activities led to an increase in the town’s popularity by attracting people from other parts of the country or even the whole world; the folk festival would have a guaranteed venue.

Needless to say that once they were able to begin conducting their gatherings in an old sports hall located just outside the city, the People’s Folk Music Festival’s founding members were able to attract enough fans in the first year of the festival’s existence, in order to make the city popular in the whole Europe.

Once the folk phenomenon increased in popularity on the local scale, it wasn’t long enough when the word spread among the ranks of the folk bands and artists all around the world. As time went on, the festival became one of the most appreciated folk musical events in the northern hemisphere.