People’s Folk Music Festival

In the following paragraphs, one will be able to find details about the People’s Folk Music Festival, its founders, the bands who make it such a lively event and information about its history.

This website was specifically designed to present the People’s Folk Music Festival, which is well known as one of the greatest events in the whole country when it comes to musical gatherings. More than 140 bands attend it every year and as time passes, that number is only going to increase thanks to the harmonious atmosphere and passionate artists that come to it.

Initially founded by a group of people who were passionate about folk music and all the wonderful things that it manages to transmit, the People’s Folk Music Festival has grown considerably over the years, becoming an iconic musical event in the country. Little did the founders of the festival know when they were just a couple of teenagers who shared a common passion for folk music that their initiative will attract so many people and increase in popularity the way it did.

Attracting fans from all over the world, the festival spans over 7 consecutive days, each one with different particular event and some key moments, when the designated bands and special guests attending are either performing or giving important insight into the folk music and its related aspects.

Those who have been captivated so far are invited to have a look on the following pages, where they will be able to find out even more details about the festival and its bands.