Promoting the Folk Music Festival

In the 30 years since the People’s Folk Music Festival is active, there were numerous events, bands and musicians that attended and the following page is provided in order to o1297593263446_originalffer some details about the musical events that constituted the festival’s main attractions.

Since the town where the festival was founded didn’t have any local folk bands, it didn’t receive any input from the people who inhabited the region, but more importantly, it inspired many teenagers and young people to become more interested in folk and even think about creating their own bands. The afflux of folk bands and artists which helped the festival grow in its initial years came from the country’s capital, which was the birthplace for more than 30 folk music bands. In order to increase their chances and gather even more artists and bands every year, the founders of the folk music festival decided to create their own band and attend other festivals across the world in order to spread the word first hand, and make contacts with other interested artists.

This way, they managed to increase the number of events to more than 20 per year in the first 5 years of the People’s Folk Music Festival, and this was due to their assiduous initiative to promote the festival in tours around the world.

Although the past events involved only several artists and performances each year, focused entirely on pure folk music, in the recent years, the festival has managed to attract enough bands and artists that the folk scene in the region got influencers. For instance, the new age movement had a significant impact and this was due to the fact that most of the young talented artists who attended the festival managed to influence the other bands and musicians who they related to.