Relaxing Music to Help Your Rat Calm Down

The power of music and it’s effect on our emotions is well known. There is music to suit each mood, from high energy to slow classics. Music captures our attention and takes our minds off the stress and strains of the day. It’s the perfect distraction, or the perfect companion with friends. The use of calming music to relax our minds and control stress, is well documented. Listening to mood music slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. It’s also a great aid to meditation or for thinking through problems. For generations, lullabies have lulled babies to sleep so it will work for you too!

shutterstock_318002333Stress reduction for pets

Your furry friends can also appreciate music. Many types of animals have been shown to identify rhythms and different musical tempos affect their behaviour. Horses can synchronise their movements to rhythm – so can sea lions. Cows have been shown to produce more milk when listening to slow music and less when listening to fast music. Dogs also respond well to classical music and display reduced stress levels. During a study in rehoming centres, they were calmer, barked less and slept more. Animals can benefit from relaxing music just like us. If you’re interested in how it can affect smaller animals and rodents, then visit Grampian Squirrel Group.

Improve your health and wellbeing

Relaxing music is not just effective for stress. Clinical research is now showing that it is also beneficial in a whole host of areas. It can help improve your exercise routine, work for longer and cool down faster. It improves your sleeping patterns and can help with depression. Peaceful music can ease pain levels and improve healing after surgery. Music strengthens your ability to learn and remember things. Improvements have even been shown in patients with Alzheimers and Dementia. Music Therapy is now part of our lives and is used to help both the mentally and physically sick. So it’s time to put on that classical album and relax!