The Festival in Color – Image Gallery

The festival’s events, attending bands, artists and founding members can all be seen in the following image gallery, which was made specifically to allow the numerous fans and people a chance to get to know the “pulse” of the festival from the comfort of their homes. Over the years, there were a great deal of events and milestones in the festival’s history and the image gallery was developed in the hope of catching the spirit of these events and sharing it with folk music fans all around the world.

The founders of the People’s Folk Music Festival invite everyone to visualize the many albums that constitute the history of the festival, add the preferred images as favorites or even leave their comments and impressions in the dedicbeck-bannerated section.

Featuring more than 240 albums, the image gallery of the People’s Folk Music Festival contains an extensive collection of photographs and in order to come to the aid of those who wish to find a particular event form a certain year, the image gallery features a powerful search engine. By using it, the folk music fans can find the preferred images in no time, provided that they use several tricks for the searches.

Applying filters to the search is one of the ways that can be used for minimizing the effort, and people will be able to use filters such as the year, event name, attending bands, attending artists and featured performances. Furthermore, in order to increase the search efficiency even more, the results can be sorted, either alphabetically or by using one of the search criteria that also serve as filters.

In the hope that the images manage to move folk fans and transmit the atmosphere that was experienced during the respective events, the founders of the People’s Folk Music Festival invite people to also have a look on the following pages, in order to find out more about the festival.